Dog Walking and Dog Visits

Dogs are wonderful pets, however they do need regular exercise, companionship and stimulation.

Left on their own for too long, they can become bored, and behavioural problems can develop - no-one wants to come home after a long day at work or after a nice day out to find the furniture chewed or the neighbours complaining of howling.

Our dog walking service can help avoid this happening by providing your dogs with the exercise, stimulation and company that is essential to their well-being.

Puppies need even more attention, as they haven't yet learnt that it's not OK to chew everything in reach, and that the house is not one great big toilet! Our puppy visits incorporate plenty of constructive playtime along with basic "good behaviour" training and collar-and-lead training.

Elderly dogs may simply prefer a quiet cuddle and some company.

We will visit your home and ensure that your dogs get all that they need. Our visits are totally flexible, so you tell us what you (and your dog) need.

Dog Walking and Visits Prices 2021

20 minutes

7.00 for one dog
9.00 for two dogs

30 minutes

8.00 for one dog
10.00 for two dogs

45 minutes

10.00 for one dog
12.00 for two dogs

1 hour

14.00 for one dog
16.00 for two dogs

Additional mileage rates are charged for outside Kelsall/Tarvin villages.

See our FAQs, for more information.

If you wish to combine this with any other of our services, please contact us for a price.

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